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Cir Biarritz

Cir Biarritz
On the sandy coasts of Biarritz once greeted by the passage of the Atlantic whales, there are monuments and glimpses of great elegance. The charm of the sea waves that caress its beaches, have transformed it into the California of Europe, a favorite place for surfing and sea life.
With his refined style always attentive to fashions and trends, Biarritz, the centerpiece of worldliness and a jet set that is not at all obvious, inspires a collection of upholstery designed to dress contemporary sweet life with elegance.
Delicate textures that mix geometries with floral elements that can be perfectly combined with each other, accompany the surfaces of this collection, to bring the beauty of the stone back into the spaces.
The wide range of modular sizes and the richness of colors allow decorative solutions of great visual impact, making Biarritz the perfect solution to customize your floor.