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    The Maiolica project takes inspiration directly from the Marca Corona Gallery, the corporate museum that houses the Rubbiani collection, a historical legacy of Sassuolo ceramics and a genetic heritage of Marca Corona. Tradition is reinterpreted starting from its most famous form, Majolica in shades of white and blue.

    The goal is to recover a product full of emotional meanings, freeing it from the patina of time: the careful graphic research and the skilful stylization of the decorations make this collection usable even in the most modern environments and outside the residential area, ideal in refined restaurants, refined commercial interiors and retro-style boutiques.
    Majolica is reinterpreted through a collection in fine glazed porcelain stoneware with a streamlined composition, suitable for both floor and wall laying. In full respect of tradition, Maiolica bets on the two historical colors, white and blue, proposed with a glossy finish, used in monochromatic backgrounds or with contrasting poses.
    The expressive power of the series lies in the refined selection of decorations, with geometric and floral motifs. The innovative decoration technique used manages to enhance their craftsmanship, giving them great liveliness, movement and an almost three-dimensional touch.


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