Dear customers, due to the continuous increase in raw material costs and the current geopolitical situation, the price lists of our suppliers are constantly changing.
We therefore ask you , for this period, to ask for quotations and availability; to our staff via email Thank you for your understanding, Greshabita

Ordering Samples

Do you want to touch our products and discover the high quality? Do you want to realize the color and the effect before making your choice?
Don't worry, request a free sample now.

The request for samples is free and without obligation and only requires the payment of the shipping costs for receiving the material.

Select the products you are interested in from the wide range of tiles and coverings and click on "request a free sample".
In the order note specify the characteristics of the product you want to receive. We will quickly and comfortably send you a free sample of the chosen porcelain stoneware to your home.

This service is designed to assist the customer in choosing the product that best suits his needs in terms of design and architecture.