Dear customers, due to the continuous increase in raw material costs and the current geopolitical situation, the price lists of our suppliers are constantly changing.
We therefore ask you , for this period, to ask for quotations and availability; to our staff via email Thank you for your understanding, Greshabita

Terms of Sale

These Terms of Sale govern the contractual relationships between the buyers of the site (below "Customers") and the company Bertalli Srl based in Pombia (NO) State Road 32 Ticinese 1 - 28050 P.IVA: 01093230033 (below "Seller" and "Owner" of the site).
The site owner may be under the obligation to change some of these provisions; Customers are therefore advised to read the Sales Terms every time they visit the store. The validation of the order will have the value of accepting the Terms of Sale, without any possible recourse. By purchasing from the store, customers agree to comply with the Terms of Sale.

1. Booking and purchase
2. Product Information
3. Prices
4. Import taxes and customs duties
5. Availability
6. Right of Withdrawal
7. Warranty
8. Sales on sample type
9. Disputes and Responsibilities
10. Feedback
11. Applicable law

1. Booking and purchase. In order to purchase e-shop products online, the customer must access the area of the site dedicated to this (Catalog). Each product on sale comes with a photo, a description and a price. Inside the e-shop you can select and book the individual products offered. It will be enough to indicate the quantity and confirm, after choosing any variants. This allows the products to be placed inside the virtual cart. You can add, cancel or confirm all bookings made so far. In order to confirm the order, you must perform your own personal authentication:
- if already registered, using the e-mail address and password;
- if not yet recorded, proceeding with the registration, indicating all the required data.
The purchase will be perfected for Bertalli Srl only when the order is confirmed by the same by e-mail. Confirmation is sent within 2 business days of receiving the order.

2. Product information. Each product on sale is accompanied by a photograph and a description. The photographs presenting the products are not part of the contractual scope and may not under any circumstances be considered as the seller's responsibility. The datasheets and product descriptions are provided by the suppliers, we decline any responsibility regarding the content of the products, so refer to the official information on the products the consumer to the manufacturer's website.

3. Prices. The sales prices shown are expressed in Euro ( ) , excluding VAT 22% and net of shipping costs. The prices shown are constrained to purchase via online channel.

4. Import taxes and customs duties. The products sold are not subject to any import tax or customs duty, if the product is sold and delivered in Italy or within the European Union. In the case of deliveries to non-EU countries, products may be subject to import taxes and/or customs duties depending on the type of product and the country of destination. It is not possible to predict in any way whether and what costs should be incurred for the clearance of the goods. For more information, you can contact your country's customs office. In all cases, any costs related to import taxes and/or customs duties will be borne by the customer.

5. Availability. If there are unforeseen events due to delays in the delivery of products or in the event of even temporary unavailability of one or more products, the customer will be informed in a timely manner by e-mail.

6. Right of Withdrawal. The Customer has a right of withdrawal that he can exercise, without having to justify the reasons, within a period of 14 working days from the day of receipt of the ordered items. The right of withdrawal can be communicated within the specified deadline, via telegram, fax or e-mail. The shipping costs related to the return of the goods are exclusively borne by the Customer. In order for the right of withdrawal to be exercised, the items must be returned intact, in their packaging of origin in perfect state of preservation and after agreement with Bertalli Srl The goods must be returned with insured package in Porto Franco at return address: Bertalli srl Via Ticinese, 1 - 28050 Pombia (NO). No package shipped in flag or assigned port will be picked up by Bertalli Srl The refund of the invoiced price of the returned items, will be made by credit of the customer's bank account or Paypal within 14 days of receiving the return. Items returned incomplete, squandered, damaged or soiled due to the customer's claim will not be refunded and will not, under any circumstances, result in the recognition of a credit equal to the price of the item initially ordered. If the return is due to an error by Gres Habita, the shipping costs will be borne by the seller; In all other cases, the shipping costs will be borne by the buyer.

7. Warranty. For the guarantee of the material refers to that of the manufacturer.

8. Sales on sample type. The sale can also take place on sample type ex art. 1522 The second paragraph c.p.c. It is noted that the sample provided by the selling party has been viewed and approved by the buyer party. By express agreement of the parties, the sample roughly indicates the quality of the asset and therefore the buyer will be able to act for the termination of the contract only in the event of a significant discrepancy of the product. Remember that ceramic products are divided into production batches with different and coded tones. The dispatched sample may not have the same tone code as the ordered match. The parties acknowledge and accept that the above guarantees will not operate in the event of a sample-type sale.

9. Disputes and Responsibilities. The material provided guarantees all the prerequisites for a laying in accordance with the art. As for the ceramic material, laminate and mosaic, each product supplied comes from the same production batch, and is the same in tone (color difference of each batch) and caliber (real size of the product). As a result, the seller and owner of the site cannot be held responsible for the damage caused by misuse of the products sold.

10. Feedback. We encourage customers to expose any concerns through the GresHabita website's contact form before leaving a negative or neutral feedback comment, as many misunderstandings can be resolved quickly through direct communication. Negative or neutral feedback without reason or with untrue motives will be prosecuted, for defamation and unfair competition.

11. Applicable law. All contracts concluded are understood to be perfected in Italy and are subject to Italian law.