Dear customers, due to the continuous increase in raw material costs and the current geopolitical situation, the price lists of our suppliers are constantly changing.
We therefore ask you , for this period, to ask for quotations and availability; to our staff via email Thank you for your understanding, Greshabita

Guaranteed Shipping

Have you ever had to order online and be afraid that the goods will not be delivered?
Have you ever given up making an order because you didn't trust the delivery service offered?
We did, many times! That's why we thought of reassuring each of our customers.
Since the beginning of our project, the first problem that we wanted to face has always been that of guaranteeing an adequate shipping service for what we sell.
Our products are often heavy and delicate. Therefore transport must always guarantee and protect the quality of the product.
For this reason, we are committed to properly packing each shipment, in order to avoid damage.
Once the packaging has been created, based on the type of product, we entrust it to different shippers.
As for the smaller goods, we can guarantee the shipment with an express courier in which the goods are insured. For the more bulky and heavy goods, we create pallets and entrust them to specialized couriers. Each shipment of this type is transported on suitable trucks: the loading and unloading is therefore done with suitable means to the customers. In this way, the risk of breakage due to possible falls of heavy goods is eliminated.
For each order of porcelain stoneware, we recommend buying a scrap, or a small quantity of spare tiles. Having a few more square meters available guarantees safety: not only some damaged tiles could be replaced, but we also recommend it because during installation some pieces could break!
We care about our customers and our commitments are aimed, day after day, at the improvement of all our services.